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Our company lies in Guangzhou which is the capital of Guangdong Province, China. We specialize in manufacturing plaster drywall board,Ceiling Tiles,Mineral Ceiling Tiles,Steel Profiles, drywall metal stud, Tee Bar,Ceiling Tiles Hardwares, Plaster Cornices, Corbel, Ceiling Rose, Wall Relief etc. products. The above products we produced are widely used high grade Desk Building, Hospitals, Conference Halls, University around China such as, The Hospital of Guangzhou Province, The Gold Lion Building in Guangzhou, The Headquater of PLA (The People Liberation Army in Hong Kong, The Tsinghua University. All the products quality is controlled strictly by ISO9001 management system.

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Address:Rm.702,North Tower,Lanbao Building,No.269 Baogang Ave, Guangzhou , P.R.China
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